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2022 CLE from Vetting the House®

2022 FEB | Florida Bar Family Law

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2022 April | Assoc. of Attorney-Mediators CLE

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2022 March | CP Washington CLE

Engage enlighten and solve preventing the house and financial problems with elders.


With degrees from Stanford Univ. and Harvard Law School, and retired faculty of a top 20 Law School (18 years/retired 2023) Prof. Kelly Murray, JD has focused her legal scholarship and continuing professional education on Housing & Financial Justice in Realty Asset Dispute Resolution for 16+ years.


Through CLE/CME, we teach legal professionals to help clients preserve home ownership eligibility and protect credit scores, whether the house is kept or sold. A key to successfully resolving real property asset disputes in family matters.

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Each CLE/CME course features 2024 multi-state trends as well as state-specific case law.
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