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Advanced Realty Asset Dispute Resolution

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2022 CLE from Vetting the House

2022 FEB | Florida Bar Family Law

FEB 2022 FL Bar FLS with Don Moll

2022 April | Assoc. of Attorney-Mediators CLE


2022 March | CP Washington CLE


Build Your Niche Mediation Business the Smarter Way - in Weeks, Not Years!

Sustainable Success: Grow Your Practice and Boost Referrals with Niche Knowledge and Networking

Mastering Real Property Asset Dispute Resolution is a mediation niche for Divorce | Trusts | Elder | Probate that also helps build your business in weeks, not the 3-5 years for mediation (family or civil) generally, supporting sustainable success.

2022 June 20-22 (MON/TUES/WED)
Dispute Resolution CLE / CME Virtual Education Events from Vetting The House™

DeRisking Dispute Resolution™ Series of Virtual Conferences - Presented Quarterly (2022 QTR 2 | QTR 3 | QTR 4)

2022 Virtual Conference | DeRisking The Mortgage


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Why you should attend CLE/CME "DeRisking The Mortgage" Virtual Conference 2022 March 10-12:

Learn the Smarter Way to Mediate Mortgage Issues in Divorce

Both the pandemic and current housing shortage make keeping the house more likely and even more dangerous during mediation | collaborative practice | litigation. And mortgage issues matter even more in dispute resolution for real property assets.

Smarter is better for sustained success!


QTR 2: MON/TUES/WED June 20-22, 2022 | DeRiskingTheMortgage.com


Eligibility - Licensed & Actively Practicing:



Mediators (Family / Civil)


*If you are licensed as a Mortgage Loan Officer or Real Estate Agent, click here

CLE | CME Hours

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and Continuing Mediation Education (CME) Hours are pending for Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Resolve gaps in mediated property settlement agreements (PSA, MSA, SA)
  2. Reduce errors in evidence, information as well as advice (by legal/financial advocates)
  3. Raise the right issues mediating secured debt obligations and options
  4. Remove barriers to home ownership eligibility (whether the house is kept or sold)
  5. Reinforce property settlement clause enforceability (reducing post-divorce litigation)
Webinars &

Courses: CLE / CME

Vetting the House™ CLE/CME helps lawyers, mediators, and paralegals preserve clients' home ownership eligibility and resolve real property-related issues the smarter way - Work Smarter, Not Harder!


With degrees from Stanford Univ. and Harvard Law School, Prof. Kelly Murray, JD has been on the faculty of a top 20 Law School since 2005 and has focused her scholarship and continuing professional education on Housing & Financial Justice in Realty Asset Dispute Resolution for 14 years.


Through CLE/CME, we teach legal professionals to help clients preserve home ownership eligibility and protect credit scores, whether the house is kept or sold. A key to successfully resolving real property asset disputes in family matters.

CLE - State Specific

Each CLE/CME course features 2022 multi-state trends as well as state-specific case law.
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